Guitar Chords Crash Course

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Guitar Chords Crash Course will try to teach or help you remember some guitar chords. The main goal with G3C is to make a simple program that anyone can use yet powerful for more advanced users.



G3C is free (nagware), which means that it's a full working download version without any strings attached.

Frequently Asked Questions

Known bugs in version 3.4

If you have found a bug and it's not listed here, please send an e-mail to: describing the problem. Also include the version of G3C, your operating system and other information (like model of printer if it's a printing problem) that might be related to the problem.

Version History

  • v3.4
    • New features
      • Added the playlist. You can create a list of up to 10 chords and play them in sequence. You can also print the playlist graphically.
      • Added the drum machine. You can play, edit and create drumpatterns. Please note that the drum machine will sometimes be a bit sluggish. There are just a few drumpatterns included but it's very easy to add your own.
      • G3C will now display which string is being played by changing the color of the dots to red.
      • G3C will now remember right-handed and upside down settings.
    • Other changes
      • Completely rewrote the way G3C plays chords.
      • Much more settings to play around with. You can now change chord decay, volume and channel.
      • Some other changes...
  • v3.3
    • New features
      • Support for scales.
      • Added the ability to edit scales and scale information. Always add scales in the A key. G3C will automatically convert the scale into the other keys. Double click a scale in the main program to display the information about the scale.
      • The main app will now display the notes for every fret as tooltips just like the editor did.
      • Added the ability to turn the fretboard upside down.
      • Moved the tunings to the chordfiles so you can have different tunings in different chordfiles. The tuner editor will edit the file that is currently open in the main program.
      • Added the ability to import tunings from either old style tunings.g3c file or ordinary chordfiles. Note: If you wish to import tunings from a tunings.g3c file you need to have the standard tuning at the top of the file. You can edit the tunings.g3c file with notepad and move the two lines to the top.
      • The "Register" and "Donate" buttons will now take you to a page where you can decide registration method and not directly to PayPal.
      • G3C will now display how many chords, scales and tunings (including empty ones) there are in the file. Press the chordfile information button... If you want an accurate count then open up the file in the editor and save it. G3C will then remove all the empty entries so you get an accurate reading.
      • G3C will now automatically sort the file when saving. This is because the program will remove all empty entries in the chordfile for better performance.
      • You can now change how fast G3C should play the chords.
      • Added the ability to change startup chordfile.
      • Added a new chordfile called "advanced.gtr" with a lot of chords, scales and tunings.
    • Fixed bugs
      • A problem where G3C "forgot" the chordfile when opening a non chordfile.
      • Fixed printing problem? I haven't got any feedback on the changes...
      • G3C will now only write settings file in program directory.
      • Only one instance of G3C is allowed to run.
      • Fixed G3C not displaying help file after opening a chordfile in another directory.
      • Fixed some errors that occurred when opening a corrupt chordfile.
      • Some other small fixes...
  • v3.2
      • Major code cleanup. This should mean that G3C is slightly faster.
      • The Tuner Editor now uses Instrument and Device settings selected in the Guitar Tuner.
      • G3C will now remember your Output Device and Instrument settings.
      • If G3C can't find the tunings file at startup it will try to write one with the Standard tuning instead of crashing like v3.1 did.
      • Clicking on the note that is currently playing in the tuner now stops the loop.
      • You can now change tuning in the Guitar Tuner "on the fly".
      • Fixed a crash that occurred when trying to add 100 tunings in the Tuner Editor.
      • Fixed the tunings... They where set one octave too low.
      • Sorting now works on the default chordfile and similar chordfiles. The problem was that the empty chords wasn't actually called "Empty", they didn't even exist. Sorting one of these files will now set all empty entries to "Empty".
      • Updated the Chord Editor with a nicer interface so it's more fun to play with. Try it out by starting the Editor, opening the default chordfile or any other chordfile and click away on the fretboard. Don't worry, you won't change anything in the chordfile until you click the save button...
      • The Chord Editor can now play the notes as if played on a Standard tuned guitar. It can also play back the whole chord. The Editor will use the Device and Instrument settings from the main program.
      • Double clicking a chord now plays it.
      • Added left-handed option.
      • Added import chords function in the Chord Editor. It can only import chords beginning with A, B, C, D, E, F or G. Chords beginning with any other character will be ignored.
  • v3.1
      • Updated GUI with nice icons.
      • Tabs are now written in bold text.
      • Added the sorting feature in the chord editor. It will not actually sort the chords, only put all the empty ones at the bottom.
      • Added more tunings in the guitar tuner and the ability to make your own tunings. You can also playback all chords using your own custom made tunings. The tuner editor will only play the notes using a piano and the default MIDI-out device.
      • Version 3.0 of G3C did not play the chords correctly, this should be fixed now.
      • Some other minor updates which I can't remember.
      • Added the ability to register G3C. Donate $5 or more and you shall receive a registration code that will remove all PayPal buttons. Don't worry, G3C is still completely free to use. There are NO limitations, NO locked features and NO time limit. This is just something extra for people who actually register.
  • v3.0
      • Rewrote chord display engine to support 12 frets.
      • Changed GUI (Graphical User Interface) to be able to display 12 frets.
      • Added the chordfile information button.
      • Rewrote the guitar tuner. You can now use it to tune your guitar up or down one half, or one whole step.
      • Added the ability to loop notes in the guitar tuner. You can also select how long you want the notes to sound.
      • Fixed the chord editor to support 12 frets.
      • Added a new HUGE chordfile that I found on the net. The old chordfiles are also available, just press the open button and select the chordfile you want.
      • Added support for 200 chords per chord button.
      • Fixed a printing bug that made G3C print empty chords. Now G3C will only print chords you can see in the main program.
      • Added the search feature. This feature will find a tab for you or check if a tab has multiple names. You can use the "copy" button to quickly copy the currently displayed chord down to the search box.
      • Fixed lots of stuff in the chord editor and made it easier to work with.
      • Added the "Play Chord" feature. You can now hear what the chords should sound like... Well, almost.
  • v2.1
      • Added support for Windows XP. You can probably run the old versions on WinXP but it looks cool in this version history.
      • Removed the need for a edit.gtr file.
      • Removed the initial dropdown menus.
      • When I messed around with the chord editor I made a new small chordfile with the most common chords. There might be fewer errors in this chordfile than the default one just because there are less chords... Anyway, just press the open button and load the file called new.gtr.
      • Added printing support. You can now print your custom made chordfiles.

        It will look something like this:

        Guitar Chords Crash Course
        A Chords:
        x 0 2 2 2 0
        A2: ...
        B Chords:
        B: ...And so on...
  • v2.0
      • So much have changed that I upped to version 2.
      • Changed the tuner. It can now play multiple samples at the same time. I know, it uses ALOT of memory. I think it's better though.
      • Encoded tuner samples into mp3 and moved them outside the exefile.
      • The tuner needs DirectX and MS Mediaplayer2, don't know the exact DX version.
      • The chord viewer can now display more chords and use your custom chordfiles.
      • Added the chord editor.
      • Fixed some bugs that occurred when trying to open a non chordfile.
      • On old Win95/98/NT4 systems where GCCC won't run, please install new MFC drivers. Get them from

        Read about MFC at Microsoft. (2001-12-16)

        Direct download link. - 1791 KB (2001-12-16)
  • v1.3
      • Added the chord viewer.
      • Using version 1.2c of Nullsofts installation system. Thanks guys/gals!
  • v1.2a
      • Changed GUI.
      • Made tuner samples smaller for smaller program size.
      • Optimized code somewhat...
      • Now using version 1.2Beta of Nullsofts great installer.
  • v1.2
      • This version includes a basic guitar tuner. Instead of the about button there is a much more useful tuner button. The tuner is very simple, it only plays the E, A, D, G, B, E notes on a piano.
  • v1.1 SR-2
      • GCCC will no longer display empty chords.
      • Better file verification for custom chordfiles.
  • v1.1 SR-1
      • Optimized code for smaller program file.
      • Removed most of the fancy graphics, this reduced file size ALOT!
  • v1.1
      • Rewrote chordfile access. Should be much better now...:)
      • Added support for custom chordfiles.
      • Changed .ini extension to .gtr, still plain text.
  • v1.0
      • First release.


Please note that registration of G3C is no longer possible, G3C is still in development but the Windows version is not.

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Registration link opened this page. Still looking for an email with a code that never came...

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Good software but quite basic

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Is this all about music or about software devellopment. I like de music part (very much!) . Since it became impossible to register, can somebody at least remove those nasty (unpolyte!) pop-ups please..?! Many thanks.

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Guitar Tuner

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NICE VALUABLE STUFF. ! If there weren't those ennoying poppups that call for registration. Unfortunately impossible to do so, by the way. BAD..!!

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very nice

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nice work keep it up

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Awesome tuner and chord library!

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I want to play my lead guitar with your tutorials

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Its a good software to learn guitar thank you

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Good One

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Very nice and useful software

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Very nice sofware!

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whats with all the ups

Posted by Philippe on May 15, 2013 21:15 CEST

Complete and simple, what a musician wants!

Posted by Jamie on May 15, 2013 18:53 CEST


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thankyou for providing this free product. im an beginner and i need all the help i can get.

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Good program thx

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That's what i was looking for.

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Nice Software...easy to use and comprehensive graphic info about chords. What you need for an instant response. I´ve been using it with an external sound amp equip and sounds good.

Posted by Jo Ann needs Treasure Trowels! on April 18, 2013 23:33 CEST

la belle vie

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I want to register my guitar chords crash course

Posted by Blake on April 17, 2013 21:00 CEST

I want to register my guitar chords crash course

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