Thymeleaf and lists in forms

Posted by Tobias on April 8, 2013 00:00 CEST (11 Comments)

Recently I needed to create a view to edit multiple instances of a model directly. So I created a view which rendered a form and a table based on a model which consisted of a List. Now I needed to make Thymeleaf understand that my th:field actually was a property in an model instance in the list. This wasn't very easy.

Spring Web MVC seems very picky about parameter order

Posted by Tobias on April 4, 2013 00:00 CEST (4 Comments)

I spent some time debugging a strange problem with a controller action handling a post of a model. The action was never called and Spring returned HTTP status 400 with the message "The request sent by the client was syntactically incorrect".

JBoss and PostConstruct

Posted by Tobias on April 3, 2013 00:00 CEST

JBoss EAP 5 is having problems with @PostConstruct. Adding the following to web.xml solved this.

Font antialiasing in Oracle Forms

Posted by Tobias on November 4, 2011 00:00 CET

Whenever I need to work in Forms my eyes hurt from reading text rendered by the Forms application. Almost all modern GUI frameworks today apply some sort of text antialiasing to make text more readable. You may think it's an easy task; the Forms GUI is implemented in Java so we only need to set our preferred antialiasing method when the JVM starts up. Right!? Unfortunately Oracle has made things a bit more difficult for us. The only question is: Are you brave enough to continue reading?

Drag And Drop in Oracle Forms and Java

Posted by Tobias on November 30, 2010 00:00 CET (7 Comments)

I came across an example of how to implement drag and drop in Oracle Forms. It kind of worked but did not impress me, so I decided to do my own implementation. When I read the source code for the other example one thought crossed my mind which I would like to share; do not reinvent the wheel unless you have a gun to your head. If you do have a gun to your head, expect to end up with a not so round wheel.

Column Sorting in Oracle Forms

Posted by Tobias on September 10, 2010 00:00 CEST (3 Comments)

Sorting a table by clicking the header in a certain column is very natural in almost any program. For some reason, support for this is absent from Oracle Forms. Luckily this is quite easy to accomplish using a bit of Java magic. It's important to note that the GUI in Oracle Forms is written in Java and the same rules apply. Using this method you can enable column sorting using a single PL/SQL call per column.

Converting MS Office 2003 documents into PDF

Posted by Tobias on December 16, 2009 00:00 CET

Believe it or not, everyone hasn't got the latest Microsoft Office installed in their environment. That is why I received the task to automate the conversion of documents to PDF.

Interacting with Oracle Forms from other systems

Posted by Tobias on April 24, 2009 00:00 CEST

Our company wanted a way of interacting with our financial system, which is built with Forms 10, from other external systems. To accomplish this, we created several components which work together to allow data to be sent to Forms.

Forms wrapper for Oracle data visualization components

Posted by Tobias on March 21, 2009 00:00 CET (65 Comments)

Our company wanted to be able to visualize data in Forms 10 using graphs and gauges. For some time now we have been using the Forms BI Bean Graph Integration Wrapper created by Frank Nimphius. This wrapper enabled the use of BI Beans graphs in Oracle Forms. Since then Oracle has updated the visualization components with additional functionality like displaying data using gauges.

Background printing of PDF documents

Posted by Tobias on December 29, 2008 00:00 CET (14 Comments)

I was asked to create some software to handle printing of PDF documents and after scouring the Internet for several hours I realized that this wasn't as easy as I had initially though. There are several methods of doing background printing so I tested all I could find and measured the performance.